Create & send beautiful emails

Simplesend provides a comprehensive set of real-time reports, allowing you to to accurately measure the effectiveness of every campaign you send. Coming Soon to an inbox near you.

Mobile Devices
  • Create & Send
    Beautiful Emails

    Design great looking emails using your own tools, or create templates and let your clients send their own.

  • Manage Your Lists
    & Subscribers

    We handle signups, unsubscribes and bounces automatically. Easily create targeted segments of subscribers.

  • Powerful

    Actionable reports that go beyond opens and clicks. Track your email related conversions and sales.

  • Easy Import/Export of
    email clients lists

    Easily import and export your client email lists straight to Excel.

  • Create & Send Emails

    With an interface that is tailored to designers you can import your templates or select from existing templates. Your clients can create, edit and send their own campaigns. Test your campaigns before they go out to be sure everyone sees your emails correctly.

  • List Management Made Simple

    We take all the pain out of list management by handling the messy stuff like bounces and unsubscribes automatically. Whether you've got a small list, or need to get your hands dirty with segmenting and personalization, we've got you covered.

  • View Reports & Analytics

    Every campaign sent provides continuously updated reports and analytics with information about the success of your campaign. Social reports return results of forwarding and sharing through sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Looking for free templates?

Download and tweak dozens of our great looking templates that work in all major browsers and email clients.